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About the Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography

The European Commission's Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) aims to provide independent scientific evidence for strengthening the Commission’s response to the opportunities and challenges related to migration, demography and related policies.

In strategic partnership with a number of Commission's Directorate Generals and services, KCMD makes sense of existing knowledge, addresses knowledge gaps and facilitates the uptake of its findings among policy-makers and other stakeholders.

KCMD's lines of work cover both internal and external aspects of migration and demography.

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Partnerships facilitate access to the latest knowledge on migration, the sharing of best practices and innovative approaches for data and analysis as well as the translation of complex evidence into useful insights for policy.

Partners of the KCMD range from international organisations (IOMOECDWorld Bank, UN DESA, ICMPD) to research centres and networks (IIASAEUI Migration Policy CentreMigration Policy Institute - EuropeIMISCOE) and individual experts. 

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