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We mobilise people and resources to create, curate, make sense of and use knowledge to inform policymaking across Europe.

Event | 04 Nov 2020

Science for policymaking by national academies - 04 November 2020

Eco-systems of science for policy - Zooming in on particular science for policy element across EU

Evidence is provided to policymakers from various types of institutions across the EU. This has – once again – become visible during the Covid-19 pandemic where advisory councils, chief science advisors and medical officers, government research institutes, national academies and research associations all fed into the policymaking process and public debates

This "single element" workshop brings together policymakers and practitioners working on or at a particular science for policy mechanism from across Europe.

The event is part of the workshop series "Strengthening and connecting eco-systems of science for policy across Europe" (September 2020 - October 2022). 

For more info on the workshop series and to register: 

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Why we do this 

The Covid-19 pandemic has arguably highlighted the importance of robust scientific advice to policymakers. As part of the JRC's efforts to promote sound evidence-informed policy-making across the European Union, a series of short, virtual workshops about 'science-for-policy ecosystems' will be organised between September 2020 and September 2022. 

The workshops give opportunity to

  • take stock, discuss and exchange experiences
  • co-create ideas and projects for structures, mechanisms and instruments for strengthening evidence-informed policy-making across Europe

For whom

Between September 2020 and September 2022, this series of workshops has brough together policymakers, civil servants, academics, and experts from across Europe. 

  • Member state governments
  • Regional and local authorities
  • National parliaments and regional legislative assemblies
  • Civil society organizations
  • National academies
  • Science-policy interface organizations at international/European level: INGSA, ESAF, OECD, SAPEA, ALLEA
  • Entities engaged in science communication

What we do exactly

Single-element workshops

For an audience with a specific interest in a particular part of the multi-faceted evidence for policy ecosystems as it is applied across EU countries

More information

Single-ecosystem workshops

For a group of officials and science for policy professionals from one Member State who discusses - with a group of international experts - one Member State's ecosystems good practices, lessons learned, success factors, and bottlenecks.

More information

Past workshops synopses





Upcoming workshops

Stay tuned for more workshops during 2024.



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Are you working at national, regional, and local level in government, parliament, academia or civil society on improving the use of scientific evidence for policy-making?

Would you like to learn more about Europe’s best practice in evidence-informed policy-making?

Would you be interested in developing your ideas and projects for stronger science for policy ecosystems with like-minded professionals from all over Europe?

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