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Competence Centre on Modelling and Decision Analysis

We promote a responsible, coherent and transparent use of modelling to support the evidence base for EU policies.

Topic / Tool | Last updated: 04 Oct 2021

Corporate Modelling Inventory and Knowledge Management

CC-MOD develops and runs MIDAS, the Modelling Inventory and Knowledge Management System of the European Commission

Access MIDAS public

Maintaining an overview of ongoing modelling activities is the first step for a transparent and coherent use of models in support to the policy cycle. It is, at the same time, also a major challenge: more than 150 models are currently being used in the Commission, in a vast set of domains. The majority of these models are run in combination with other models forming complex networks of interactions and dependencies.

To capture this knowledge, the Competence Centre on Modelling (CC-MOD) develops and runs MIDAS, the Modelling Inventory and Knowledge Management System of the European Commission. MIDAS describes all models in use by the Commission in support to the policy cycle, and offers a platform where models, data, scientific publications and policy actions can be easily correlated, and where these connections can be browsed and better understood.

Starting in 2017, the Better Regulation Toolbox requests that any model used in an impact assessment should be described in MIDAS. By thus enhancing the transparency of models and traceability of their results, as well as our understanding of the ongoing model support within and across different domains, MIDAS contributes to the propagation of sound methodology underpinning the Commission’s Better Regulation policy.

MIDAS is accessible by the entire European Commission, and in 2019, has been open to the European Parliament under the umbrella of the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-Making.

MIDAS is open to the public as of December 2020. MIDAS public includes models used in Commission impact assessments from July 2017 onwards.

You can access MIDAS here: