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Competence Centre on Modelling and Decision Analysis

We promote a responsible, coherent and transparent use of modelling to support the evidence base for EU policies.

Topic / Tool | Last updated: 04 Sep 2019

Peer review of models

CC-MOD organises peer-reviews by external experts of model quality and transparency

As part of its quality assurance and transparency tasks, the European Commission’s Competence Centre on Modelling is implementing since 2016 a peer review process for models of the Commission.

Model review aims at improving the quality and transparency of models used for EU policy making. The review process assesses based on the documented model description the theoretical framework, the empirical implementation, the model performance, the results of sensitivity tests stressing the model, and the peer reviewed state-of-the-art journal publications.

To ensure a rigorous and coherent process, the model review is undertaken by an external Review Panel consisting of 5-10 experts in the domain of the model, and a Chair. The Competence Centre on Modelling provides the Scientific Secretary and administrative support.

The models are selected in collaboration with the Commission Inter-Service Group on Modelling and the modelling teams. So far, Commission's models in various fields such as energy, banking, and territorial policy have been reviewed.

The review results are documented in a Model Review Report, which informs the current and future users of model about the transparency, quality and fitness for purpose of the model for a particular use. The publicly accessible published Report outlines the strengths of the reviewed model and identifies the domains where the model has the largest potential, as well as the limitations of the model. In addition, the Model Review Report also provides suggestions and recommendations for future model development and use.