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Visualisation | Last updated: 02 Aug 2023

Biomass Flows

Explore the supply and use of agricultural, forestry and fisheries biomass in the EU.

The diagram represents the flows of biomass for each sector of the bioeconomy, from supply to uses including trade. It enables deeper analysis and comparison of the different countries and sectors across a defined time series. This diagram is a compilation of harmonised data from the various units contributing to the Biomass project.

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Gurría Albusac, Patricia; González Hermoso, Hugo; Cazzaniga, Noemi; Jasinevičius, Gediminas; Mubareka, Sarah; De Laurentiis, Valeria; Patinha Caldeira, Carla; Sala, Serenella; Ronchetti, Giulia; Guillén Garcia, Jordi; Banja, Manjola; Ronzon, Tévécia; Tamošiūnas, Saulius; M'barek, Robert (2017): EU Biomass flows. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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Camia A., Robert N., Jonsson R. , Pilli R. , García-Condado S., López-Lozano R., van der Velde M., Ronzon T., Gurría P., M’Barek, R., Tamosiunas S., Fiore G., Araujo R., Hoepffner N., Marelli L., Giuntoli J., Biomass production, supply, uses and flows in the European Union. First results from an integrated assessment, EUR 28993EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2018, ISBN978-92-79-77237-5, doi:10.2760/539520, JRC109869
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