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Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography

Deepening our understanding of opportunities and challenges related to demographic change and migration.

Page | Last updated: 07 Jul 2022

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Why do people migrate? Through an extensive analysis of international data, the International Migration Drivers shines new light on this question by showing which factors are...
International Migration Drivers - main drivers by country income
International Migration Drivers - what drives migration to the EU?
International Migration Drivers - intentions to migrate

Theories of Migration

Infographic: How Policies Affect migration
Infographic: How Policies Affect migration
Infographic: Why do people migrate?
Infographic: Development and Migration
Infographic: Development and Migration
Experts studied both the volume of policies addressing immigration and the main rationale of such policies (restrictive vs. liberal).
This infographic outlines eight of the main theories developed by experts to explain the main drivers behind the decision to migrate.
According to some theories of migration , the relationship between human development and emigration from a country likely follows a curve How does that curve fit reality? How...