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Dataset | 04 Nov 2022

Migration profiles common set of indicators

As members of the Global Migration Group (GMG) the Population Division of UN/DESA; in collaboration with UNICEF and other members of the data and research working group; prepared this common set of indicators. The indicators presented in these profiles are divided in four major parts.

  • Part I covers the adoption of legal instruments related to international migration.
  • Part II presents a set of population indicators including population estimates and projections; rates of change and the effects of future international migration on total population and working-age population.
  • Part III; several development indicators are presented; covering life expectancy; GDP per capita; remittances and others.
  • Part IV covers international migration by major age-group and country of origin and destination; refugee populations by country of origin and destination; and the number of tertiary students by country of origin. Data are based on indicators collected by other organizations (mainly UN and UNHCR)