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Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity

We enhance the knowledge base, facilitate its sharing and foster cross-sectorial policy dialogue for EU policy making in biodiversity and related fields.


International Cooperation and Development

Overview of key EU funding programs for biodiversity research and innovation at global level, and for cooperation and development purposes through the EuropeAid instruments.


EuropeAid funding instruments

In the context of the EU external action, the EuropeAid funding instruments (2014-2020) includes biodiversity-related development cooperation activities that are mainly funded via 2 types of financial instruments:

  • Geographical instruments targeting a country or a region, such as the European Development Fund (EDF), the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) or the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).
  • Thematic program 'Global Public Goods and Challenges' (GPGC) under the strategic area of environment and climate change, for issues that are not priorities under geographical instruments or issues common to groups of countries not belonging to a single region.

More information at Ecosystems and biodiversity financial instruments and Related projects

Research and innovation funding opportunities

Under research and Innovation, funding for biodiversity-related development and cooperation projects can be found at  esearch and opportunities in research and innovation