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Publication | 15 October 2021

Upscaling Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) adoption in Africa

Global Food and Nutrition Security

The growing impact of climate change on African agriculture and food systems in the last two decades has created a major threat to food production and food security on the continent. Climate change threatens to derail progress made so far in fighting food insecurity and poverty. Rainfall is increasingly variable in timing, amount, and intensity. Both drought and flooding have become more frequent and severe. Across the continent, more than 51 million smallholder farming households still depend on rain-fed agricultural production systems, putting them at severe risk of climate change Land degradation interacting with climate change represents one of the most urgent challenges for Africa, with profound implications for reduced food production, food insecurity, depleting natural resources, and economic development. The negative effects of climate change are reducing Africa’s GDP by 1.4% and inducing adaptation costs that can reach up to 3% of GDP, every year until 2030.