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Projects and activities | 1 March 2021

Farmers' Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific - FO4ACP

Farmers’ and rural producers' organizations (FOs) in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP) have a dual role of promoting the recognition of family farming and smallholder’ interests and rights, and providing services to their members to engage on better terms with other economic players in agricultural value chains. FOs and their member smallholders face many constraints limiting them from fully benefitting from profitable economic activities. These include price instability, strong competition in the market, limited access to quality inputs, lack of infrastructure, weak support services and access to technologies, unfavourable policy environment, climatic and environmental challenges.

The partnership between IFAD and FOs has been particularly accelerating and strengthening the focus on national FOs and regional FO networks under the aegis of the Farmers’ Forum Process, a bottom-up process of consultation and dialogue between FOs, IFAD and governments focused on rural development and poverty reduction.

The design of Farmers’ Organizations for ACP is the result of the joint effort and consultations among all stakeholders and is based on the experience and results of the Farmers' Africa programme (2013-2018) and its two components: Farmers’ Fighting Poverty (FFP)/Africa (2013-2015) and the Support to Farmers’ Organizations in Africa (SFOAP) pilot (2009-2013) and main (2013-2018) phases.

This Action is perfectly placed to support the achievement of the ambitious SDGs of eradicating poverty (SDG1) and ending hunger and malnutrition, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture (SDG2).

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