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Visualisation | Last updated: 07 Dec 2022

Interactive Sankey diagrams of woody biomass flows in the EU and Member States

The forest-based industries and the energy production sector are intricately interlinked through both synergistic and competitive behaviour. Sawmilling by-products are used for wood pulp (for paper as well as textile fibres) and wood-based panels manufacturing as well as for energy production, while side-streams from chemical pulping are used in the chemical industry as well as for energy production. The demand (and thus price) for sawlogs is one of the most determinant factors for the supply of primary woody biomass, including woody biomass for energy. The supply of primary woody biomass is also affected by natural disturbances.

Wood is a highly versatile material and can be used and reused in cascade in different processes. The developments in wood-based product markets are instrumental to the supply of woody biomass for the different purposes. Here we publish the woody biomass flows at EU Member State level, as well as at EU-27 aggregate level, for the years 2009 to 2017.

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