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We use text mining and analysis tools to extract information from online data, including traditional or social media, or from large public or proprietary document sets.

Topic / Tool | 19 Dec 2022

Europe Media Monitor (EMM)

EMM started in 2002 as a project to support the Commission with its media monitoring activities.

The mission of EMM is to deliver independent, relevant information about facts and opinions extracted from on-line media to EU policy makers at all levels. 

The system continuously monitors 15.000 news sites to find articles published on the Internet (400.000 articles daily in 80 languages). It then reads and analyses these articles and extracts information, like references to people, organisations and places in the news, extracts quotes, groups articles into categories and clusters similar articles.

EMM also lets users explore the huge amount of multilingual media data through interactive maps and graphs, allowing them to examine the data from various viewpoints and according to multiple criteria.

From 2018 EMM can also grab content from a live Twitter stream and from Facebook public pages.

Some publicly available tools based on EMM technology:

EMM NEWSBRIEF - - is a public website that gives an overview of top trending stories and provides frequent and real-time news updates on a selection of topics.

MEDISYS - - is an instance of EMM specifically developed for the detection of disease-related information and used by a number of Health Agencies, including ECDC, EFSA and WHO.

BIG SCREEN MAP - - is a large-screen application that geo-localises the latest news from EMM and automatically loops through the top stories.

EMM MAP - - is an application that shows the geographical distribution of the news. The news is displayed by top stories, 24 hour stories, country, category and entity. Timelines can be displayed for stories.