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Text Mining and Analysis Competence Centre

We use text mining and analysis tools to extract information from online data, including traditional or social media, or from large public or proprietary document sets.

Topic / Tool | 22 Dec 2022

Citizen Consultation Analysis

Making Sense across languages of citizens' Contributions to the Conference on The Future of Europe

The Conference on Future of Europe (CoFE) is a European-wide Citizen Engagement endeavour to collect the wishes and ideas of citizen on how the EU should evolve.

The massive amount (in tens of thousands) of contributions received and their highly multilingual nature requires the use of specialized algorithms to help analysts go under the surface and be able to capture the overall picture as well exploring the data in an augmented way by predicting links between related information. A dedicated user interface allows analysts to effectively search through this information. 

Activities include:

  • Create a system that will use existing and new technologies to run machine learning algorithms and solutions. 
  • Applied research to develop new topic mining and keyword extraction solutions. 
  • Applied research to develop a novel way to cluster, explore and search multilingual text collections, involving vector representation of text semantics. 
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface to visualise, search and interact with data.