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TIM Dual-Use Web Platform

TIM Dual-Use is a web-based platform tailored to the mapping of:

  • Dual-use technologies listed in the "EU dual-use control list" (Annex I to Regulation 428/2009, as amended under annual delegated Acts), divided into ten categories;
  • Emerging technologies not listed but with potential dual-use applications.

Dual-use technologies might be included in the contents of SCOPUS abstracts, patents and EU-funded research projects, which therefore could be subject to export authorisations prior to publication or sharing, as required by Regulation 428/2009.

TIM DU’s mapping of Dual-use technologies is performed by means of search algorithms based on keywords related to the "EU dual-use control list" text, as well as emerging technologies, with their scientific and technical synonyms. The choice of keywords and Boolean combinations has been designed to maximise the results while striving for the best possible relevance.

TIM Dual-Use applications can be multiple:

  • Mapping of a country’s R&D international cooperation networks related to dual-use;
  • Mapping of specific research institutes, companies, Universities, researchers’ scientific publications with regard to potential dual-use technologies;
  • Monitoring of emerging technologies (technological development and trends, as appearing from chronological and geographical developments).

For research entities in particular:

  • Assess the past scientific production to identify articles, patents or EU-funded project results already produced and published, which could have had a potential dual-use content;
  • Identification of areas for targeted awareness-raising activities to reinforce internal compliance.


TIM DU has been developed by JRC (STRIKE project - G.II.7 unit; I.3 unit) and University of Liège (European Studies Unit).


Contact Information:

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EU Dual-use trade controls European Commission - DG Trade*

EU P2P Dual-use export control cooperation programme

*Please visit for the latest updated version of Regulation 428/2009

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