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Publication | 20 May 2016

IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0

The purpose of this Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Technical Manual Version 2.0 is to provide food security analysts with technical standards and guidelines for conducting IPC analysis. Version 2.0 introduces revised standards based on field application and expert consultation over the past several years. The manual is targeted to technicians/practitioners. The manual is not an overview of the broader fields of food security, nutrition and livelihoods analysis. It is a prerequisite that IPC practitioners have expertise in these and related fields. The IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0 is a comprehensive revision and update of the IPC Technical Manual Version 1.1. This new manual is the result of two years of technical consultations led by the IPC Global Team and Partners involving hundreds of professionals from different countries and regions implementing the IPC.

IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0