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Publication | 6 October 2020

Finance for Agroecology: More Than Just a Dream? An assessment of European and international institutions’ contributions to food system transformation - CIDSE - 2020

Global Food and Nutrition Security

The findings of this survey are based on an analysis of 152 projects of the United Nations (UN) Rome-based agencies financed through the EU budget over 3 years (2016-2018) and of the entire GCF portfolio (from its creation until December 2019).

According to the report, approximately 80% of the EU funds channeled through the FAO, IFAD and WFP and 80% of the GCF agricultural money flows are still targeting programmes and projects focusing on conventional agriculture and/or efficiency-oriented approaches (such as sustainable intensification). The report stresses that public money channeled towards agroecology (targeting food system change or the redesign of the agroecosystem as a whole) is insufficient both in quantity and in quality and makes recommendations to increase support for agroecology.