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Projects and activities | 20 Oct 2021

FAIR Sahel

Brief me

The general objective is to create the conditions for small producers in the Sahel to set up innovative technical systems of agro ecological intensification (AEI), allowing them a more efficient and sustainable management of resources and an improvement of their incomes, while making their operation more resilient to climate change in the three countries of intervention of the project. A more specific objective is to redefine the role of research so that institutional, political and technical actors have access to the necessary knowledge, effectively support organized and voluntary producers and create favourable conditions for AEI.

The modes of interaction of research with development actors and with producers will be adapted to allow:

1) a more efficient co-production of knowledge on the agro ecological processes that can be mobilized to improve the functioning of agro systems,

2) a more efficient adaptation and co-constructed agro ecological system with the diversity of producers' conditions,

3) the production of methods for supporting farmers by development actors and strengthening their skills in this area.