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Projects and activities | 28 October 2022

AMAC: Assisting migrants and communities:Analysis of social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities

Brief me

The strategic objective of the project is to improve the health of migrants and communities affected by migration and, therefore, to tackle existing health gaps. The project’s goal is to enhance the understanding of the complex relationship between health and population mobility.

  1. Follow-up and build on recent European initiatives in migration health. In particular, the project will take into consideration the migration health-related conferences and consultations of 2007 and develop synergies with European-level migration health projects currently being implemented.
  2. Create a forum for discussions among experts on health and migration. The project seeks to bring together academics, national authorities, representatives of international organizations and NGOs and enable them to exchange their expertise, to discuss concrete cases, identify best practices and draft policy recommendations. The participants will also identify areas in which more data needs to be collected and analysed as well as areas where more research needs to be conducted.
  3. Enable EU Member States to learn from each others’ practices and foster dialog among academic institutions, multiple stakeholders in governments, the European Commission, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations. The project seeks to encourage these multidisciplinary stakeholders to develop action points for integrating the project’s recommendations into health and related strategies at the national and EU levels. This widened involvement will support a multi-pronged approach beyond the traditional target audience of health professionals.
  4. Disseminate widely the final report of the workshop results and consultation conclusions to key stakeholders for migration health issues.