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News | 02 Aug 2022

EU Bioeconomy Conference – registration is open

Registration to the high-level conference ‘The Bioeconomy - Enabling the European Green Deal in Challenging Times’, taking place on 6-7 October in Brussels, is now open at

At the conference the findings of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy Progress Report, adopted in June 2022, will be presented, and the role of bioeconomy policy to enhance policy coherence and system thinking will be highlighted. A series of bioeconomy success stories from EU research and innovation will be presented, alongside evidence for a successful implementation of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy. There will also be an opportunity to discuss how the bioeconomy can help to better manage certain trade-offs, by addressing the question of how increasing biomass demand for energy and industrial needs can be matched with increasing climate and biodiversity objectives.

Bioeconomy encompasses all sectors and associated services and investments that produce, use, process, distribute or consume biological resources, including ecosystem services. From the food we eat to the furniture in our house and the clothes we wear, the bioeconomy, as one of the Union’s largest sectors, is already present in our daily lives. Bioeconomy can be the natural enabler and result of the European Green Deal transformation.

All sessions will also be live-streamed to allow everyone to get involved from anywhere.