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Dataset | 28 April 2016

Roundwood, fuelwood and other basic products


Data on total wood production (fuel plus industrial wood), imports, and exports per country expressed in thousand cubic metres, thousand tonnes, thousand euro and thousand units of national currency.Data borken down by woor product type (industrial roundwood, wood chips, wood charcoal, wood pellets, etc.).

All of the data are compiled from the Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire (JFSQ)

Forestry statistics cover the production of and trade in wood products for the EU and EFTA countries. Production is reported in physical units, while trade in basic products is covered in both monetary and physical units. Trade in secondary products is covered in monetary units only. Eurostat receives data on request from its partner organisations in the Inter-Secretariat Working Group on Forest Sector Statistics (UNECE, FAO, ITTO and Eurostat) and publishes them for the candidate countries, Canada, USA, the Russian Federation, China, India, Indonesia and Brazil.