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Dataset | 29 April 2016

Exports - renewables - annual data

Data on exports of main type of biofuels (i.e. biogasoline, biodiesels, other liquid biofuels and bio jet kerosene) by country of origind and destination, expressed in thousand tonnes.

Annual data collection cover in principle the EU Member States, EFTA, EU candidate countries, and potential candidate countries. Time series starts mostly in year 1990. All data are presented in the form of energy balances.

Data are obtained from the National Administrations competent for energy statistics. . Data collection is based on a pre-filled joint annual energy questionnaires sent to countries. This sending of emails is usually performed by the International Energy Agency. Countries provide new data for the latest reference year and possible revisions for historical time periods. Subsequent validation issues might results in changes in data. All data transfers to Eurostat has to come via Single Entry Point of data, which is currently implemented as eDAMIS (electronic Data files Administration and Management Information System).