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Dataset | 16 October 2015

Supply, transformation and consumption of electricity - annual data

Supply, transformation and consumption of electricity by source of energy (e.g. hydro, nuclear, solid biofuels, biogas, etc.) and type of production plant (e.g. autoproducer, main activity electricity only, main activity CHP plant), expressed in tonnes of oil equivalent, Gigawatt-hour and Terajoule.

In the field of energy statistics no specific data collection technique is imposed by Eurostat. It is the responsibility of National Authorities to collect the relevant basic energy data required for filling-in the questionnaires and report them to Eurostat following the prescribed methodology. National data collection methods vary significantly from country to country. Questionnaires in standardized electronic format are collected from the national authorities via data transmission over the Internet. Data files have to be transmitted by the Member States to Eurostat via the Single Entry Point (SEP) following the implementing procedures of eDAMIS (electronic Data files Administration and Management Information System

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