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Dataset | 1 January 2015

Interactive EurObservER Database

The Eurobserver database provides with data on different indicators by contry per renewable energy source, including Biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol and other biofuels), solid biomass (solid and liquid), biogas (landfill, sewage sludge biogas and other biogas) and renewable municipal waste.

The indicators provided are: - Annual evolution of the capacity instaled - Comparison of the present trend with European targets - Employment of the sector - Fuel consumption - Fuel production - Gross electricity production from CHP plant only - Gross electricity production from electricity plant only - Gross heat production from CHP plant only - Gross heat production from heat only plant - Main developers - Main industrialists - Primary energy production - Production capacity installed annually - Share in total electricity production - Share in total primary energy consumption - Support schemes - Total gross electricity production - Total gross heat production - Total production capacity installed