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Dataset | 25 May 2016

New entrants by education level, programme orientation, sex and field of education

Data on entrants and enrolments by sex, education level and training field (e.g. Agriculture and veterinary; Agriculture, forestry and fishery, life science, etc.) expressed in absolute numbers.

This domain covers statistics and indicators on key aspects of the education systems across Europe. The data show entrants and enrolments in education levels, education personnel and the cost and type of resources dedicated to education.

In the UOE data collection on education statistics, the statistical units collected are students enrolled, entrants, graduates, mobile students enrolled and graduated, education personnel and expenditure. In the Eurostat data collection on language learning the statistical unit is enrolments in studies of foreign languages. The Eurostat data collection on regions includes students enrolled by age, sex and ISCED level by NUTS2 regions

The statistics refer to education in the school and university system, as defined in the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 2011). The basic unit of classification in ISCED 2011 is the educational programme.

The main source of data is the joint UIS (UNESCO Institute of Statistics)/OECD/Eurostat (UOE) questionnaires on education statistics, which constitute the core database on education.