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Publication | 14 November 2019

Technology Transfer: ecosystems, block-chain and IP models for associated collaboration

Technology Transfer

This report summarises the key conclusions, proceedings and evaluation of the 11th TTO circle plenary meeting held in Sophia Antipolis (France) on 28 & 29 June 2018. This meeting was organised by JRC in collaboration with INRIA and the main topics were related to Innovative ecosystems, IP and Block-chain and IP models for associated collaboration.

The meeting was structured around the following 5 main sessions:

  • "Novelties in next Framework Programme for R&I" focused to explore the new initiatives for RTOs in the framework of FP9 programme. European Commission representatives presented the innovative instruments supporting technology transfer and innovation.
  • "Tech Transfer: Innovation Ecosystems" was dedicated on technology transfer within innovation ecosystems. Innovative ecosystems in Europe were presented.
  • "Blockchain, IP and technology transfer" aimed to explore the RTOs opportunities related to Block-chain technologies. Furthermore, RTOs opportunities, challenges, barriers and synergies related to blockchain were debated.
  • "Trends in intellectual property and technology transfer" was focused on IP models for associating collaboration. Developing a role for IP and associated TT deals & collaboration agreements were discussed.
  • "TTO circle: developing the strategy for the future" was dedicated to the TTO circle board members in order to present concrete proposals for collaborative activities.