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Publication | 8 February 2021

CIRAD is committed to sustainable, resilient and inclusive food systems

Global Food and Nutrition Security

In this position paper (2021), CIRAD analyses that food systems are at the crossroads between the major challenges for humanity – food, health, jobs and the environment and are a crucial brick in the sustainable development wall.

The paper calls for a transformation of food systems because of:

  • Their substantial environmental and climate footprint. Massive ecosystem degradation threatens the viability of food systems;
  • Their inability to ensure food and nutrition security with the widespread co-existence of contrasting types of malnutrition;
  • Important inequalities between their stakeholders: access to means of production, distribution of the added-value created, coalitions of power, market functioning, etc.

After having highlighted the multitude of highly diverse food systems, the paper lists a number of priorities in the area of scientific research to support the transition to sustainable food systems:

  • innovative agricultural production and food processing technology and practices based on agroecology and territorial integration;
  • Assessment and characterisation of food systems according to their performance and resilience;
  • The strengthening of the capacities of food stakeholders to foster governance and facilitate the required transformations.