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Publication | 26 January 2021

Agro and Food Processing Industry in India

Since 1991, India has been integrated with global markets, per capita income has risen, urbanization has grown and, therefore, the economy has experienced many shifts. One shift has been in consumer behaviour and food preferences. Awareness of the health effects of alternative foods is growing, too, and demand is rising continually for safer and more nutritious foods and, also, for processed and packaged foods. As consumer demand for non-traditional food products affects the production mix (on-farm activity) and the post-harvest management of farm produce (off-farm activity), the policy and regulatory framework must facilitate the supply-side transition of India’s food system and help it adapt to and align with these evolving demand patterns. To meet the growing demand for processed and packaged foods, investment in processing of agricultural produce must be encouraged, the food value chains organized, and the regulatory environment for food safety strengthened.

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