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Publication | 2023

Agripreneurship as a panacea for food security in Tanzania: A systematic review

Agripreneurship as one of the means to ensure food security in Tanzania has received scant attention. This study bridges the knowledge gap by showing the state of the art on agripreneurship and food security in Tanzania, research themes and new developments on the two concepts, showing literature gaps and practise on the concepts, and showing how agripreneurship is a solution to food insecurity in Tanzania. Herein, a total of 61 articles retrieved from Scopus, Google Scholar, and the Web of Science databases on the themes of agripreneurship and food security were reviewed. This study has demonstrated agripreneurship techniques can be a solution to food security by ensuring food availability, accessibility, and affordability. Thus, it is recommended to the policymakers that they formulate a policy that focuses on both supply-side and demand-side factors. Furthermore, agripreneurs are urged to update their knowledge and skills so that they can access timely information through ICT tools, mostly TV, radio, and phone.