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Projects and activities | 12 Oct 2021


Brief me

The research projects ProEcoAfrica (2013 – 2019) and "Organic Food Systems Africa (OFSA) (2016 – 2020) have been generating comparative scientific evidence on the productivity, profitability and sustainability of conventional and organic production systems on smallholder farms in Ghana and Kenya. ProEcoAfrica assessed productivity and profitability of the farms in the two countries while OFSA assessed sustainability of the same farms in Ghana and Kenya, and additionally also in Uganda. The two projects are contributing towards addressing the gaps in availability of solid data and scientific evidence on the benefits and drawbacks of certified and non-certified organic production systems in Africa in comparison with conventional low- and high- input production systems. Such sound data and evidence are key to informing and influencing decision taking and practice by farmers, extension agents and managers from public and private institutions including investors while also being fundamental to policy-making in the agriculture, food and nutrition security, environment and related sectors.