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Projects and activities | Last updated: 11 Jun 2024

Monitoring innovation performance in the EU (INNOVA Measure)

INNOVA Measure

The 'INNOVA Measure' projects support the work of the Directorate-General for Research & Innovation (R&I) of the European Commission by providing better evidence for policy-making. Its overarching aim is to inform policy experts and practitioners concerned with science and innovation issues by providing a continuous assessment of country innovation performance and producing policy-relevant evidence on the contributions and drivers of science, technology and innovation.

The currently ongoing INNOVA VI project (2023-2025) builds on the outcomes and capacities developed, starting in 2013, within the framework of the INNOVA I-V projects. Its focus reflects current interests and strategic objectives of the European Commission, including the innovation performance of the EU, as well as the digital and the green transition.     


The INNOVA VI project focuses on three interrelated research streams.

R&I Monitoring frameworks

The first research line consists in regularly updating and, as necessary, refining the methodology used for composite indicators and scoreboards measuring research and innovation performance of EU Member States and selected benchmark countries and to carry out statistical support for DG R&I reports monitoring research and innovation. It will include the Innovation Output Indicator (IOI) and the Statistical Audit of the Commission’s European Innovation Scoreboard and Regional innovation Scoreboard.

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The twin transition of European firms

The second research line highlights the importance of green and digital transitions in driving smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth worldwide, recognized by policymakers. It will build on previous INNOVA V work that has examined the development of green and digital technologies across European regions and will aim at providing new evidence on EU firms contributing to the twin transition. This will involve the creation of a dataset on the EU firms that have applied for twin green and digital patents and econometric analysis to explore firms' characteristics related to their involvement in the twin transitions.

The implications of Mergers and Acquisitions for digital innovation

The third research line deals with the increasing concern among competition experts and regulators regarding the acquisition of start-ups by dominant incumbents and the effects of merger control on protecting competition. More specifically, the concept of "Killer Acquisitions" relates to incumbent firms acquiring innovative targets to discontinue their projects and pre-empt future competition, leading to increased market concentration and decreased overall innovation. Despite the rising number of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in recent years, there is limited exploration of their impact on innovation, especially in the EU digital economy. The proposed study will study the implications of M&As for digital innovation.


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Past editions

Learn more about the outputs produced during the past editions of the 'INNOVA Measure'.


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