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Projects and activities | 20 Oct 2021


Brief me

Objectives of the project

  • To identify, develop and adapt legume-based agroecological intensification technologies/ practices as well as innovations for rural energy and labour efficiency for smallholders, especially women.

  • To identify, develop, adapt and scale innovations for transformative shifts in rural bioeconomies by generating new enterprises and rural employment (especially for youth and women) from legume-derived products and co-products.

The main outcomes of LEG4DEV are

  1. Legume-based agroecological intensification scaling for climate-resilient productivity

  2. Legume-based agroecological intensification scaling for food & nutrition security

  3. Legume-based agroecological intensification scaling for water use efficiency

  4. Rural energy and labour-efficiency transformation pathways for legume-based agroecological intensification

  5. Legume-derived enterprises and employment for more resilient rural bioeconomies, and

  6. Identification of policy & institutional options for transformative scaling of legume-based agroecological intensification for enhanced livelihoods and resilience.