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Projects and activities | 17 June 2019

LEARN - Long-term Europe-Africa Research Network

Global Food and Nutrition Security

Sustainable intensification of livestock systems is essential to feed the rapidly growing world population. One of the key principles of sustainable intensification is "resilience to future shocks and stresses of disease, pests, and climate change". A major threat to livestock and/or human health in both Africa and Europe is posed by viruses that are transmitted by arthropods, mostly mosquitoes and midges.!The Long-term Europe-African Research Network (LEARN) project will contribute to the preparedness of Europe and Africa for (re)emerging arboviruses through the development and implementation of serological tools for diagnoses and epidemiological investigations of neglected African arboviruses. Specifically, we will develop diagnostic assays to detect neglected arboviruses and use these assays to determine the distribution and impact of these arboviral threats. The latter will be facilitated by veterinary surveillance networks previously established by the LEARN partners in Africa. The knowledge that results from the project will be used to increase awareness of stakeholders and to provide incentives to develop vaccines.