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Projects and activities | 02 Jun 2023

Effects of persuasion techniques used in disinformation


Citizens consider disinformation a threat to European democracies, and the majority of European citizens believe that they have come across disinformation online, with 63% of younger Europeans even coming across disinformation more than once a week.

The JRC monitors common misinformation narratives online with the aim to facilitate proper understanding and timely response to associated challenges.


The purpose of this project is to investigate how effective certain persuasion techniques are in rendering falsities convincing to people. Specifically, we aim to investigate their role in affecting individual’s beliefs about that information, their perceptions of its credibility, and their intentions to share that information.


An experimental survey conducted in 4-6 Member States.

Expected outcomes

This project aims to increase the capacities of the JRC to analyse and understand, as well as to address misinformation adequately. A better understanding of the techniques and of their effect on individuals will support the EU’s strategy against disinformation.

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