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Projects and activities | 15 October 2020

Countering COVID-19 misinformation through targeted behavioural interventions

The goal of this project is to assess the effectiveness of targeted strategies to fight COVID-19 misinformation.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been exposed to various forms of misinformation.

The European Commission is taking steps to debunk many of these unfounded and sometimes life-threatening claims:


This project aims to assess the effectiveness of different strategies to fight COVID-19 misinformation: how can these interventions best reduce the impact and spread of misinformation?

For some people, exposing the poor credibility of the source might work best. Other people might be convinced by an explanation of how the misinformation rhetoric works and by tips on how to spot it.

The project explores how to target different strategies to specific groups of individuals. If applied responsibly, targeting could strengthen the fight against misinformation.


To reach this goal, we are conducting a literature review and an online experiment.

Expected outcomes

The insights we generate should benefit the Commission’s overall fight against misinformation.

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