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Projects and activities | 28 May 2021

8 NGOs in 11 States: 8 NGOs for migrants/refugees' health needs in 11 countries

Eight NGOs will support the health authorities of 11 Member States (BE, BG, DE, EL, ES, FR, HR, IT, NO, SE, SI) in providing adequate and accessible health services to newly arrived migrants with a specific focus on children, unaccompanied minors and pregnant women. Where needed, flexible and adaptive mobile health surveillance and response units will identify arrival and transit locations and provide general health assessments. Individual mental and physical health assessments will be conducted using the standardized personal health record developed by IOM and DG SANTE. Migrants will receive a health booklet to facilitate referrals to adequate and accessible primary healthcare (including vaccinations). Psychosocial support and preventative care will also be delivered. Depending on the rapidly changing context, and as long as adequate patient privacy can be ensured, actions will take place in mobile units, in temporary ‘clinics’ or in already existing centres run by the partner organizations or one of their associate local partners. Wherever possible, access to national health systems will be supported through social and health mediation activities and the provision of information on migrants’ rights to access care.

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