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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Knowledge Gateway

A reference point for public health policy makers with reliable, independent and up-to date information on topics related to promotion of health and well-being.


About the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Knowledge Gateway

Health Promotion Knowledge Gateway

The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Knowledge Gateway is an online resource with structured and up-to-date, peer-reviewed information on a series of priority topics related to diets, physical activity, alcohol-related harm and other fields related to prevention of non-communicable disease. It was created for - and with- decision-makers in EU Member States working in this area of public health and provides concise information that can be quickly used to answer their questions and assist their health policy work. We are confident that other professionals in the field as well as the general public will also find the information it contains useful.

The content of this Knowledge Gateway is organized in independent Briefs. Each Brief is structured in a similar manner; it defines the issue at hand and describes its health-related implications. In addition, it provides a summary of EU data and presents recommendations for best-practices, actions, interventions or measures as well as examples of implemented policies that address the topic. Because of their structured and concise nature and the methodology used, the briefs do not aim to present exhaustive reviews of the literature in the various topics in question.

The information and data contained in the briefs is not original; clear references to the original sources and date of their publication are given. All Briefs are accompanied by a comprehensive bibliography. The methodology followed for collection of data and the selection of references is documented in the Methodology section of this series.

The sources used are of high quality and the majority of the publications cited have been authored or endorsed by authoritative and reputable public health related organisations. For valid reasons, there may be instances where the conclusions or recommendations listed in these publications differ between each other or from those adopted or endorsed by the EC or EU Member States. The reporting herewith remains factual and unbiased and no attempt to interpret or discuss these instances has been made.       

The content of this website is subject to the same disclaimer, copyright notice and personal data protection rules detailed here. The Commission reuse policy is not applicable to third-party data and other material for which the licensing policies of the respective right-holders apply instead.