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Glossary item | 3 July 2018

Wood fuel

Roundwood being used as fuel for purposes such as cooking, heating or power production. It includes wood harvested from main stems, branches and other parts of trees (where these are harvested for fuel) and wood that is used for the production of charcoal (e.g. in pit kilns and portable ovens), wood pellets and other agglomerates. It also includes wood chips to be used for fuel that are made directly (i.e. in the forest) from roundwood. It excludes wood charcoal, pellets and other agglomerates.

Eurostat, FAO, ITTO, and UNECE. 2016. “Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire Definitions.”

Source category: International Organisations

Wood fuel is wood-based fuel in a form ready to use directly for generating energy, such as firewood, pellets and bio-liquids.

European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate General, Indufor, Study on the wood raw material supply and demand for the EU wood-processing industries, December 4, 2013

Source category: EC Technical Documents

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