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Glossary item | Last updated: 26 Mar 2024

Forestry residues

Forestry residues can be divided into two categories; (i) Primary forestry residues (PFRs), and (ii) Secondary forestry residues. PFRs are defined as residues that are left after logging operations (branches, stumps, treetops, bark, sawdust, etc.). In contrast to PFRs, secondary forestry residues are by-products and co-products of industrial wood-processing operations (bark, sawmill slabs, sawdust, wood chips, etc.).

S.K. Karan, L. Hamelin,Towards local bioeconomy: A stepwise framework for high-resolution spatial quantification of forestry residues, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 134, 2020, 110350, ISSN 1364-0321,

Source category: Scientific & Technical Literature