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Event | 19 May 2022

Innovation and Technology Transfer in Central and Southeast Europe


The Competence Centre on Technology Transfer of the European Commission's Science and Knowledge service, Joint Research Centre (JRC), is organising jointly with the EC Representation in Slovakia a one-day hybrid workshop on Innovation and Technology Transfer in Central and Southeast Europe, taking place in Bratislava on 19th May. 

The event will bring together key stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem in the area and explore the progress, strengths and challenges related to:

  • The development and strengthening of Innovation Technology Transfer in Central and Southeast Europe
  • Competition Policy and the application of EU state aid rules

Participants will range from relevant policy makers, to national competition authorities, local universities and research centres, technology transfer offices, science parks, incubators and industry.

This workshop will be part of an exploratory policy dialogue to set up the groundwork for further action in supporting the innovation and technology transfer ecosystem in the region.

Live streaming

Watch the event live

The live streaming will start at 09:00 (CET).


Background information

Technology transfer and innovation ecosystem in Central and Southeast Europe presents several challenges that require further reflection and support including:

  • Intellectual Property management, identification, protection and exploitation
  • Development and implementation of technology transfer related policies and procedures
  • Overall academia-industry collaboration policies and practices
  • Development of policies for access and use of research and innovation infrastructures, long term revenue development, and
  • Better understanding of possibilities, limitations and requirements under the EU state aid regime and its application.