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Dataset | 29 Feb 2016

Distribution of instruction hours by field

Data on distribution of instruction hours by field and type of training (i.e. Formal and non-formal education and training; Formal education and training; Non-formal education and training), expressed in % of total.

The Adult Education Survey (AES) covers adults’ participation in education and training (formal, non-formal and informal learning) and is one of the main data sources for EU lifelong learning statistics. The AES focuses on people aged 25-64 living in private households. The reference period for the participation in education and training is the twelve months prior to the interview.

Two waves of the survey have been implemented so far (2007 AES and 2011 AES). The first AES – referred to as 2007 AES – was a pilot exercise and carried out on a voluntary basis in 29 countries in the EU, EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and candidate countries between 2005 and 2008. The 2011 AES was underpinned by a European legal act and thus carried out in all Member States on a mandatory basis. The next AES is due in 2016.

The AES is a random sample survey of individuals living in private households. From AES 2011 participation in the survey is compulsory for EU Member States. The effective sample sizes range between 2 400 for the smallest sample to 27 000 for the biggest. This is due to both national requirements and a big variance in the number of inhabitants per country.