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Dataset | 16 October 2015

Unit values at basic prices


Data on unit values of agricultural products (crops, vegetables, livestock, etc.) expressed in euro per tonne and national currency per tonne.

Unit values refer to the concept of the output of agricultural activity. They are obtained by dividing current values (in producer prices and in basic prices) by the corresponding physical quantities. They differ from prices in that variation in unit values includes any variation in quantity. The following equations illustrate these relationships: Unit value statistics: unit value = (current value) / ( physical quantity) EAA in general: unit value = ("pure" price) / (volume

The Unit Values (UV) are an integrated part of the overall concept of Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA). The EAA are a satellite account of the European System of Accounts (ESA2010), providing complementary information and concepts adapted to the particular nature of the agricultural industry. Although their structure very closely matches that of the national accounts, their compilation requires the formulation of appropriate rules and methods. Main sources for the EAA are agricultural statistics plus administrative information. National Statistical Institutes or Ministries of Agriculture are responsible for data collection and calculation of national EAA, in accordance with EC Regulations. Eurostat is responsible for the EU aggregations.