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About the Competence Centre on Technology Transfer

The Competence Centre on Technology Transfer (CC TT) was launched in 2018 by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and is the recognised reference point for expertise on technology transfer for the European Commission and the institutions of the European Union.

The CC TT provides technology transfer policy related expertise and services to the European Commission and other institutions of the Union and operational support services to a broader range of stakeholders including: member states and individual research institutions facing technology transfer related challenges and issues.

The CC TT takes a holistic approach to the technology transfer process and provides services in three interconnected domains capturing a complex value chain. These are:

The CC TT also aims to deepen competences, expertise and knowledge in technology transfer through research and the structured aggregation of results and best practices generated by other Directorate-Generals of the European Commission and EU programmes (e.g. H2020, COSME, EU4TECH).

JRC expertise in the domain of technology transfer originates from the practical experience in technology commercialisation and exploitation of the JRC Technology Transfer Office. 

This expertise is reinforced by access to best practices and knowledge of the member organisations of the European TTO Circle, a network of the technology transfer offices of Europe's largest Public Research Organisations (PROs).

The capabilities and expertise of the CC TT are further reinforced by a wide-ranging network of partnerships with other institutions and by access to a broad network of practitioners from across Europe and beyond.


What kind of projects does the Competence Centre support?

The Competence Centre on Technology Transfer supports projects linked to the three key domains on Technology Transfer: Capacity Building, Financing and Science and Technology Parks, and Innovation Ecosystems.

The Competence Centre works with:

  • other Directorate-Generals of the European Commission
  • other EU institutions
  • EU member states
  • EU Neighbourhood countries
  • Individual institutions (universities, research centres, associations, international organisations)

Supported projects include:

  • Training projects
  • Capacity building projects
  • TT financing projects
  • Diagnostic and analytical studies
  • Research projects

Find out more about recent projects of the CCTT and meet the CCTT team.