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Projects and activities | 28 May 2021

REHEALTH / Re-Health: Personal Health Record

The RE-HEALTH action aims at improving the capacity of EU Member States under particular migratory pressure to address the health-related issues of migrants arriving at key reception areas, while preventing and addressing possible communicable diseases and cross-border health events. The project is sub-divided into three key actions: electronic health database, exploratory phase, and implementation of the personal health record, and aims at achieving the following specific objectives:

  • Establish links between key reception areas and the health systems in the target countries;
  • Make use of the established Personal Health Record (PHR) and the accompanying Handbook for Health Professionals (HPs) to evaluate the health status and needs of arriving refugees and migrants;
  • Ensure that health assessments and preventive measures are implemented, taking into account the needs of children and other vulnerable groups;
  • Ensure that data initially collected through the PHR is stored in a database so that it is available at transit and destination countries.…

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