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Projects and activities | 28 May 2021

NO TO HATE SPEECH IN OUR MEDIA: Sharing Best Practices to counter hate speeches about migrants, ethnic and religious minorities in the European media

The project aims to directly strengthen the capacity of 154 European media and about 1300 journalists in 8 countries (Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland and Austria) in the fight against hate speech through the creation and adoption by these media of a European Code of Ethics for good conduct in the handling of information on the migration process and on ethnic and religious minorities in Europe. The methodology for developing this Code of Ethics is based on the creation of the Guide for Journalists on Roma People, a project carried out by EMARTV in 2012-2014 in Spain, which constitutes the best practice of reference of the project.

In addition, the purpose of the intervention is to raise awareness of migration and ethnic and religious minorities in Europe, and to provide information on ways to combat hate speech through a European radio campaign in 7 countries. , 154 radio stations for more than 5 million listeners and through the creation of an interactive online map of good practices in the field of Communication and Integration of Migrant and Minority Populations, an innovative tool already tested in Spain.

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