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Projects and activities | 11 October 2021

Knowledge Transfer metrics – towards a European wide set of harmonized indicators

Technology Transfer

Key objective: To identify a core set of harmonised knowledge transfer indicators and to specify conditions and actions towards a European-wide collection of such indicators.

Project summary: The JRC Expert group is set-up in partnership with the European Association of Technology Practitioners to work towards a European wide key set of harmonized knowledge transfer indicators, serving several purposes:

  • For individual public research organisations / knowledge transfer organisations to monitor and compare easily their achievements over time at EU level.
  • For EU Member States to better monitor their innovation, research, intellectual property and knowledge transfer policies.
  • For neighbouring countries and EC to facilitate capacity building analysis and to monitor the innovation and knowledge transfer system evolution.
  • To facilitate the recognition of the economic and societal impact of research
  • For the knowledge transfer profession to gain visibility

Stakeholder groups: Public research organisations, knowledge transfer organisations, policy makers in the EC, EU Member States and neighbouring countries.

Project partner: European Association of Technology Practitioners

Contact: Mattias Dinnetz and Sergio Grande, Competence Centre for Technology Transfer, JRC