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Community of Practice on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards

The Community of Practice offers an ideal opportunity to share political and technical challenges in building multidimensional frameworks, create new collaborations and stay up to date with the latest developments on composite indicators

2023 Community of Practice

The 2023 Community of Practice was about celebrating the European Year of Skills. We not only looked at how existing composite indicators and scoreboards are helping…

2022 Community of Practice

This year, we celebrated 20 years of research on composite indicators at the JRC and discovered composite indicators measuring the complexity of three interconnected crisis: Climate change, Covid-19…

2021 Community of Practice

We focused on sharing knowledge and experiences on data storytelling and visualisation. We held a behind-the-scenes talk with practitioners from some of the world’s most known indices as well as award…

2019 Community of Practice

We heard from over 20 speakers over the course of two days on topics like climate change, energy, sustainable cities, culture, childhood, governance, artificial intelligence…

2018 Community of Practice

We held an exchange in a plethora of social related fields, ranging from fairness, inequality, social rights to sustainable governance, education, migration. We also covered digital…

2017 Community of Practice

We held an exchange on measuring topics like poverty, gender equality, social progress, competitiveness, attractiveness, governance and cybersecurity.

2016 Community of Practice

The first edition of the Community of Practice counted with the participation of a wide range of international organisations, EU institutions and universities which addressed the uses and misuses of indices and scoreboards, online…

People behind the numbers

Meet the inspiring minds behind some of the world’s most known composite indicators and scoreboards. We talk with the change-makers measuring the most complex and pressing issues on our…

TED Talks on composite indicators

A selection of Talks on composite indicators, statistics and visualisation to inspire and inform you.


The Community of Practice mini-series explore different thematic streams and builds new opportunities of engaging practitioners in small-scale interactive formats.