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Dataset | 22 Jan 2021

Average protein content in g/100 g and % of food energy from protein in plant-derived raw foods (edible parts only)


Plant- derived foods

Protein content (g/100 g)

% energy from protein

Rice (white) 6.1 7
Root Vegetables (average, light coloured) 1.3 11
Leaf vegetable (average, dark green) 1.4 43
Fruitsa 0.2-1.2 2-6
Nuts (mix, without salt) 16.5 11
Bread (multigrain, whole grain) 11.2 16
Legumes (bean, brown and white, average) 22.2 30
Seed blendb 22.7 16
a Apple, honeydew melon, pear, orange, kiwi, grape, banana, prune
b Sunflower, pumpkin, pine nut seed.