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Dataset | 22 Jan 2021

Average protein content in g/100 g and % of food energy from protein in animal-derived raw foods

Animal-derived foods

Protein content (g/100 g)

% energy from protein

Beef (average) 16.9 48
Chicken 20.2 44
Fish (weighted average)a 18.9 53
Eggs (without shell) 12.6 38
Cheese (average) 23.4 34
Pork (average) 18.9 39
Milk (3.5% fat, boiled) 3.1 19
Yogurt (plain, 2.5% fat) 3.0 22
aPike, perch, vendace (lake), baltic herring, salmon fillet, tuna, rainbow trout fillet, saithe, powan (frozen), whitefish, pollan, lavaret, zander, pike-perch