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Glossary item | 1 July 2018



All roundwood felled or otherwise harvested and removed. It comprises all wood obtained from removals, i.e. the quantities removed from forests and from trees outside the forest, including wood recovered from natural, felling and logging losses during the period, calendar year or forest year. It includes all wood removed with or without bark, including wood removed in its round form, or split, roughly squared or in other form (e.g. branches, roots, stumps and burls - where these are harvested - and wood that is roughly shaped or pointed). It is an aggregate comprising fuelwood, including wood for charcoal, and industrial roundwood (wood in the rough).

Eurostat, FAO, ITTO, and UNECE. 2016. “Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire Definitions.”

Source category: International Organisation

A length of cut tree generally having round cross section, such as a log or bolt.

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Source category: Dictionaries