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Projects and activities | 12 May 2021

STING (Science and Technology for Pollinating Insects)

Brief me

The STING project is developed under the framework of the European Initiative on Pollinators (COM(2018) 395). The JRC is partnering with DG ENV in order to address one priority action of the EU Initiative, which consists in raising awareness, engaging society-at-large and promoting collaboration on pollinators’ decline.

The JRC is currently conducting a series of citizen engagement activities aimed at:

  • co-producing new frames and narratives over pollinators’ decline, ensuring the attention shifts from honey bees only to wild pollinators.
  • designing a blueprint of citizen engagement and constructing an awareness campaign toolbox over wild pollinators

The design&implementation of these activities proceeds along two streams and two objectives: 

1. Involving the youth in order to foster empowerment over the issue and improve the conditions for a sustainable debate over time.

Three events of citizen engagement geared toward engaging the youth and integrating a youth-led perspective on the problem of and solutions to pollinators’ decline. These events will specifically address the issue of furthering conservation practices and awareness towards wild pollinators decline, including fostering the alliance between beekeepers and farmers, and empowering citizens towards finding the knowledge, sense and direction for action.

2. Facilitating the dialogue between farmers and ordinary citizens.

Four events of citizen engagement geared toward involving farmers and ordinary citizens for advancing the terms of the debate around pollinators decline. These events will take place  in four Member States (IT, RO, PL, BE)